Fight Fleas with the Meen Grean Flea Killing Machine

If you’re going to win the war against fleas this year, you have to have a plan.
Experience shows the only way to eliminate fleas is to get rid of adults and their eggs everywhere they live: On your pet ... In your home ... In your yard

The Meen Grean Flea Killing Machine is a system of defense developed by Poland Shaw Dog Supplies. Its first step is Meen Grean Shampoo, formulated and developed by Emmett Poland.  Emmett’s degree in pre-med chemistry and minor in zoology provides the scientific foundation to Meen Grean’s safe, effective formula. That chemical knowledge, combined with decades of experience grooming dogs and pets, supports Emmett’s research and Poland Shaw's recommendation of support products to kill fleas in your home, on carpets, curtains, and in the yard.

On Your Pet

Meen Grean Shampoo is designed to rapidly kill fleas on most fur-bearing pets – including dog, horses, cats and rabbits.

In addition to its all-important flea control properties, Meen Grean Shampoo is unique:

• While most shampoos contain traces of chlorine that can affect your pet’s coat, Meen Grean uses only natural ingredients that provide natural lanolin for a softer coat.

• Because it’s all natural, Meen Grean Shampoo is safe and gentle on your hands and on your pet’s skin.

• Professional groomers love Meen Grean Shampoo, because it works faster and saves time. Unlike most regular pet shampoos that are extra thick and need to be worked in longer through the fur to reach your pet’s skin, Meen Grean Shampoo's liquidity means it works through fur easier and reaches the skin faster. More of its flea killing ingredients actually gets to where fleas live. It can even be used in a pump spray.

Between groomers’ visits, your pet can now enjoy the same special cleansing and flea protection at home with Meen Grean Shampoo.

(Poland Shaw recommends Meen Grean Shampoo for use on puppies 6 weeks and older. It's also safe on your hands, too.)

After-Shampoo Cologne
$9.95 Pre-Paid Members
  $10.95 non-members

         9 oz. Shampoo
$5.95 Pre-Paid Members
     $9.95 non-members

In Your Home

In Your Yard

Once you’ve protected your pet from fleas using Meen Grean Shampoo, take the fight to where adult fleas and their eggs also live — indoors on furniture and fabrics and outdoors in the yard. Click here for a list of products that are part of Poland Shaw's Meen Grean Flea Killing Machine system.

        1 gallon Shampoo
 $18.95 Pre-Paid Members
     $28.95 non-members

       5 gallon Shampoo
$75.00 Pre-Paid Members
     $89.95 non-members

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